About Gingerbread Lane Crafts

I have moved – Gingerbread Lane Crafts is now in Minster-on-Sea.

Hi, my name is Julia Woodyatt and I have enjoyed crochet from the age of 8 years old. I have also gained a great deal of knowledge of Crochet and needlework and have been told by many people that I am very well suited to teaching.

Patience in my Virtue at Gingerbread Lane Crafts

I have gained an in depth knowledge of my crafts over a considerable time. With my natural ability to get things across clearly using simple to understand explanations and demonstrations. Coupled with  my considerable patience, particularly with those who struggle to pick things up quickly, means that teaching feels natural to me.

No Pressure and Needlework is my Passion

No one is put under any pressure at anytime, help is always there when needed. I am very easy going and love my crafts with a passion, which comes across in my training. I aim to instil confidence and enthusiasm in every class.

I love Teaching Classes at Gingerbread Lane Crafts

Confidence and enthusiasm produces the “want to learn more” philosophy to increase your skills, and be proud of your achievements. I love to teach and get a huge kick out of helping other people achieve their goals.

Teaching at Gades Southend

I taught and served at Gades in Southend on Sea, a long established Haberdashery shop, and loved my time there. Unfortunately in September 2017 the shop was closed and my well established classes were coming to an end. My pupils and I were very upset. They encouraged me to start my own business so I could continue my teaching and they would follow. I had been considering starting my own business and even the owner suggested I had a cabin built in my garden to create a lovely cosy and welcoming atmosphere.
I have now moved to Kent and teaching in Minster on Sea, Kent.

Gingerbread Lane Crafts – How I started  with my Log Cabin in Southend.

Some of what happens at Gingerbread Lane Crafts: